Reasons to convert your film and video to DVD

  • Deterioration:
All media deteriorates over time, even DVDs. 8mm and Super 8mm film will begin to deteriorate after 30 years. The first 8mm film was introduced in 1933. Super 8mm came out in 1965. Magnetic tapes begin to degrade rapidly after 15 years. Many of us have VHS tapes that date back to the early 80’s. Even first miniDV tapes are now over 15 years old.
  • Viewability:
Raise your hand if you have a working 8mm film projector. I didn’t think so. Even VHS players are being retired (breaking down) at a rapid rate. And many of our old Video8, Hi8, and Digital8 camcorders are broken. In short we all have shoeboxes of memories we can no longer enjoy.
  • Editability = Watchability:
When grandpa took 8mm home movies each roll ran for about 3.5 minutes. He had to be very discriminating when it came to what was filmed. Then along came inexpensive video tape. How many of you want to watch 90 minutes of your child’s sporting event to see the 3 minutes of truly interesting action?

Converting your film, video and photos allows you, or us at DigaPix, to combine these different media into digital scrapbooks, memorial videos, and other forms that are far more enjoyable to watch.
  • Archiving:
All media deteriorates over time. Even though the DVDs supplied by DigaPix are guaranteed for 100 years even they can deteriorate more rapidly if not stored and handled properly. Keeping one copy at home for viewing and one copy stored properly will ensure your family will be able to enjoy these for many years to come.


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