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About the DigaPix Film Transfer Services:

new_dv8_sniper-350DigaPix is proud to use the ScanStream DV8 Sniper from MovieStuff to transfer your super 8 and regular 8mm film. The DV8 Sniper uses a built-in broadcast grade 3-CCD camera for direct, frame-by-frame scanning of the film frame. This unit scans off the sharper, emulsion side of the film with 3 jumbo, 1/2 inch, hi-res CCDs for maximum clarity. The DV8 Sniper uses a super bright, ultra-cool LED light source that will protect your film from burning or warping.

DigaPix film transfer equipment performs TRUE frame-by-frame scanning. This offers us the ability to provide you 100%, totally flicker-free playback at any speed desired, including 9, 10, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20 and 24/25fps. This is important because one of the challenges with old home movies is the inability to know at which speed the film was shot. Why? Because these are Grandpa's home movies and it is highly likely that Grandpa never really knew the speed he shot them at, all those years ago. More importantly, YOU don't know. With the TRUE frame-by-frame scanning, accurate playback rates can be quickly determined and transferred to your DVD.

No sound transfer is available.

Pricing for 8mm and Super8 Film Transfer to DVD



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